As the data has shown, the amount of people which think that the sports facilities in our school are not sufficient and think that the school should have a few more sports facilities is almost everyone. This shows that our school needs more sport facilities. 

The question is how it will benefit everybody, has brought in a lot more suggestions to improve on our ideas. When we asked if the swimming pool , tennis court and rock climbing wall should be added, and 80% agreed that they should be added.

Thus our conclusion is that, most of us agree to have a few more sports facilities. Even though our school is called School of Science and Technology, and we mostly focus on science and technology, we should never forget about physical fitness as well. Although the school already has a lot of sports facilities around the school, having more facilities would be better for the students as they have more activities to do in their free time and S&W period teachers have a wider range of activities to choose from during their lessons.

The three new facilities that we have chosen (swimming pool, rock wall and a mini tennis court) was given 100% support as everyone voted to have those facilities. Most of them took into consideration the benefits to the school and 83.3% said these additions would benefit the school. Most of them also said that they liked sports, and when we asked, they all gave high numbers ranging from 6-10.

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