What we are recommending is that the school should have more sports facilities. And the 3 sports facilities which we think should be added to our school is a swimming pool, a rock wall and a mini tennis court.

The swimming pool can help the students to learn swimming which many of the students only know the basics of swimming. A rock wall can teach the students the meaning of endurance, as I have climbed a rock wall myself, I know that rock climbing needs a lot of endurance to reach the top. A mini tennis court trains the students in hand-eye co-ordination. By training hand-eye co-ordination it also lets the student to have a faster reaction time and take up a new sport.

The swimming pool could be underground beneath the ISH, the mini tennis court could be at one of the roof-tops of Block A, B or C. The rock wall could be at the Fitness Area outside Block D.

All 3 facilities let the students have more CCA choices, recreational activities and can also let teachers organise more activities during S&W lessons.

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